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По умолчанию https://www.powerhousesupplement.com/formax-lean/

Formax Lean There are many special exercises to build up the muscles of the forearm at home. Of course, we can’t do without dumbbells here, but there are other options: a horizontal bar, an expander, rubber bandages, a rope with a load, and even an ordinary bucket filled with sand. Related article: " Exercise with bodibarom " Here are a few exercises with dumbbells for flexing and stretching the arms in the wrists (3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions) that can be performed at home: Sitting on the bench, put your hands on the edge, grab the dumbbells from below and slowly bend the wrists. The extension is performed in the same way, only the dumbbell needs to be taken by grip from above. The optimal training regime to pump the forearm will be training in a day or two with alternating exercises (2-3 exercises for each workout). The main thing - to carefully observe the technique and perform them slowly, and not to chase the weight, especially at first. Remember that an untrained person has rather fragile wrists, therefore, flexion / extension is better to perform at the beginning without additional weighting. The decisive condition for the effectiveness of training will also be their slow pace. For example, when exercising with an expander, doing exercises at a fast pace will not do anything to build muscle , but if you do 4 sets of 15-20 repetitions slowly, you will soon notice that the forearms have increased in volume.

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