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Thumbs up https://www.worldhealthcart.com/ketovatru/

KetoVatru By resuming high-calorie consumption, you can gain all the weight you lose and your body will become unbalanced at substances that have become 'foreign'. Make a gradual diet and appreciate all the dedication applied during the yogurt diet. It would be a lie to say that you do not consume condiments and processed products today. Obesity and diabetes are consequences that are increasingly present in the population, regardless of nationality. The practicality offered by the food industry has been compromising the health and well-being of people and the extra pounds represent the harm that this convenience can offer to our health. We must recognize that our body is not prepared for the innovations and adaptations that are present in our routines today, and that is exactly why many people are adhering to the Cave Diet. This diet contrasts the culture of practicality adopted by all. We cannot deny that we are dependent on all the alternatives that can make our routine less intense, and our diet is one of the factors that suffer intensely from this "comfort". The methodology is really to go back to the "Stone Age", and thus try to reduce the fat percentage and eliminate the accumulated fat with the wrong eating habits previously adopted. The cave diet, also known as the paleolithic diet , is nothing more than the eating habits of our ancestors. Yes, you should ignore the existence of processed products and intensify your intake of red and white meat, natural carbohydrates from vegetables, only sugar from fruits and fats should be beneficial to your health, only those contained in fish and oilseeds. Consumption of many proteins is indicated, and carbohydrates and sugars should be limited to natural sources. It is essential that during the diet there is constant consumption of water. Fruit consumption should be moderate.

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